The Company CONLAB

The Company Control Laboratory Nelsen e.U., in short "CONLAB", was founded in 2018 by Markus Nelsen. The company, based in Vienna, has the business license to operate a chemical laboratory. The laboratory is located in the 3rd district in the Arsenal, close to the Swiss Garden and the new main train station in Vienna. Current information about the laboratory and the company CONLAB can be found in our Blog (German only).

The Laboratory

Our laboratory is your chemical contract laboratory and service provider for the analysis of

  • Chemicals and excipients
  • Fuels (Gasoline, Diesel, FAME, Fuel oil)
  • Lubricants (Engine- and Gear Oils,  Industrial Lubricants, Hydraulic Oils)
  • Petrochemical Products

Our range of analatical analysis can be found here

We are also able to use tailor-made analytical methods and, where appropriate, those requested by customers. If you are interested, please contact us directly via eMail or via our  contact page contact page.


Good Reasons For CONLAB

  • personal care
  • independent and neutral
  • more than 15 years of experience in petrochemical analysis

Our Goals

As a new supplier on the market, we will recognize the requirements of our customers and translate them into corresponding solutions in the field of laboratory analysis. The goal is to provide our customer with results on the basis of which he can make decisions.

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